Loan Covenants that May Affect You When Borrowing From a Bank


It is inevitable to live without debt. Huge capital investments like buying a car or new machine for your business requires tonnes of money that you may not readily have. Thankfully, financial institutions like banks offer credit services where you can borrow a large sum of money and repay it in manageable bits over a certain period. Notably, banks must protect themselves by ensuring that the money they lend out is paid back agreed.

18 August 2016

Getting a car loan after identity theft


If you've had your identity used to commit credit fraud, you can often find it hard to get loans in the future. Many people don't even realise that they have a bad credit rating until they head in for a car loan or similar credit facility and get rejected. Here are some tips to get you on the road.  Get a copy of your credit report It's free and easy to access your credit report through the3 credit reporting bureaus.

9 August 2016